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Sills Aviation Services

The tale of a broken Swift and 18 months of learning what it takes to put an old airplane back together.

A 98 degree Texas day = high density altitude. Add two large butts and it was said the gear almost made it into the wheel wells when it went thru the trees.
This and several boxes of parts is what we were given to start with.


We drilled it all apart. Fabricated new center section skins, increased the side skin to .040 and made it into a one piece instead of two. All ribs were repaired or replaced and everything got a coat of epoxy primer.


Landing gear parts were all cleaned, blasted, rebushed, epoxy primed and painted in urethane. Installed using all new hardware.


Fabricating new plumbing and installing the gear was alot easier with the skin removed.


The top tail cone skin was damaged and also had several antenna holes that we couldn't live with so we fabricated a new skin and replaced it.


Getting it on it's gear was a large relief .

Smooth skinned floor and full sound proofing. We planned on Cessna 150 seats so we have the rails installed on hardwood wedges so the seats will rise up over the spar when moved forward.



All new hydraulic plumbing . Merlyn mod on the pump.

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