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Phil Thompson of Lakeway, TX asked us to assist him in building a Van's RV7. Of corse we said yes!

This was a "slow build" fuselage and a "quick build" set of wings that were ordered. The wait time for a complete "quick build" kit was 9 months and we decided we would be time ahead to build the fuselage and the tail kit while waiting for the wings.


Pictured above is the owner, Phil Thompson and the head popped up on the other side of the fuselage is John Farquhar. John was a large contributor to this project. Not to say Phil's bank account wasn't either.

Not enough room on this site to show all the pictures we have of this project but if there is some detail you would like to see, contacts us and we will try and add it on.


We built a rotating fixture to hold the fuselage while getting it to this stage. Here it is out of the fixture and on its wheels. The canopy is almost finished. The cabin has already been painted in a neutral grey single stage enamel. It will get a darker grey "flek" paint later that's similar to the paint used in the old Chevrolet trunks.

The tail feathers are on and the fiberglass fairing is being fitted. We used sponge material soaked in epoxy to fill the gaps at the stabilizers, elevators and rudder. We used epoxy and micro ballons to fill and smooth it all out.


We elected to send Van's back the cowling that came with the kit and bought a Sam James cowling kit with the pressure plenum cooling system. We also bought his wheel pants. We liked the looks over the Van's stuff. We used the Sky Bolt fastener kit to mount the cowling. If you have ever seen a 4 plus year old RV with the piano hinge attach method you will know why we went this direction.


Adding the wiring and the engine monitor brains (Advanced) . You can see the cut out we made to allow for the radio package to fit.


We installed a throttle quadrant in the center along with push/pull cables for the cabin heat and alternate air door on the engine air filter box. The fresh air ducting is in, the brake plumbing is finished and the sticks along with the grips and wiring are done. Oh My!


The instrument panel is all cut and painted. We installed, plumbed and wired everything on the bench. When it came time to install the panel, all it took was to plug in all the connectors and hook up the pitot and static lines. The panel can come out in less then five minutes.

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