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More Swift pictures. This was one of our biggest challenges to date, but with experience they do get easier as you go.

We bought a Continental O-300D core and overhauled it. Added new Slick Mags, a new carburator and had Aircraft Exhaust Specialties make up a new stainless exhaust. We called it the "Joe Gold" overhaul. We liked the -D engine for the key starter and we were able to add on a vacuum pump.


We had Leather Specialties in Georgetown sew up the leather interrior and make the carpets. They also made leather stick boots to match. Looks and smells expensive.


We were able to get a new panel blank from the Swift Foundation. I had a local machine shop water jet cut all the holes for the instruments, radios and switches. We installed the stick mod from Thomason Aircraft Products and in the STC paperwork, it allowed us to install a throttle quadrant on the left side. Although to keep from having to placard the panel "solo left seat only" (it only has brakes on the left side) we had to add a throttle in the center of the panel and piggyback it at the carburator arm. It works just great.


Ironing out the kinks in the gear system, rigging the throttle switch for the gear warning system. I lost count of the number of retract tests we performed.

Sitting pretty on the ramp. We modified the gear to the "P51" style which was to install 1500X6 tires and when we fabricated the center section skins we made the openings smaller to just fit the tires. We added the extended gear doors to complete the look. We used Cleveland wheels and brakes. We bought the wheel covers from the Swift Foundation. I added a backing to them and painted it a contrasting color to make them look like spoked wheels.



First flight was an exciting day. I can't say it was uneventful but nothing got bent. All in all it flew fine with only a few small corrections to make.

Thank you Erik Mulloy for you patience and the paychecks during the months this project drug on. It's dedicated owners like yourself that keep the aging classic aircraft fleet in the air and looking good.