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At Sills Aviation we try and push our customers to let us build the best. Phil was easy, he let us doll it up a bit .

The James pressure plenum smooth out with a lot of fill and sand work. The valve covers got powder coated along with the intake tubes. We used a Vetterman's exhaust that we had coated by Jet Hot. If we ever do that again it will be with their hotter "flat black" coating. The silver coating has started to flake off after only 40 or so hours of time on it.


We installed an inverted oil system. You can see the check valve mounted on the bottom left of the firewall. All the fuel and oil lines got firesleeved. After flight testing we had to replace the oil cooler with a larger model and the mounting changed to a horizontal position.


No cheezy decals here! We covered the aft cabin walls in ultra leather and had the "experimental" embroidered in. Phil picked up a set of Hooker  harnesses at Sun N Fun for a great price and they matched the drop in interior we had bought. You can also pick out on the sliding canopy and the way we made the canopy and the frame finish out smooth and flat. The windshield side is finished the same and only a small round rubber strip is needed to give a good water tight seal.


The finished panel and interrior. We had a local shop make all the engraved placards , circuit breaker and switch labeling in the same color as the panel paint. They also made the trim piece around the radio stack.


This is a good pic of the air filter box "cone" we made from the one James supplied with the cowling. After all the head scratching trying to get his cowling to fit with the pressure plenum and the air box we decided we were the first to install one on on a 200 HP Lycoming RV7.  We cut down the cone and bonded on a flange. We made the band clamp from aluminum "U" channel and a large hose clamp. We then found a K&N filter element to fit and we were good to go. You can see the alternate air door we made just in case the opening to the cowling were ever compromised.

The paint is a PPG product , base coat clear coat. The design is from (John McFarling) . We had trouble with paint products from "Rubber Seal", which now owns "House of Colors."  So, the end product used was PPG! All the masking products used were 3M.  Please take it from experience! Never go "cheap" when painting "ANYTHING"!


We flew this aircraft off a turf strip to its home in Lakeway. I will post some pictures with the wheel pants installed at a later date.


I really liked the way the "N" numbers looked when finished. When this get's cut and buffed it will be even better.