Cessna 140 N1669V

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N1669V is a 1947 Cessna 140 and  was one of the family airplanes. It was sold in 2007.

The engine is a Continental C 85-12F with the O 200 crankshaft STC and chrome cylinders.
It has a MA3SPA carburator with the Lowe STC. A 50 amp Jasco alternator supplies all the electrical needs.

"Joe Gold"


Solar grey windshield and dark tinted glass make this a "cool" Texas airplane.

We used all Poly Fiber products for the wing covering and also the paint top coat. The colors are Nevada Silver and Santa Fe Red.

Cessna 140


The interrior is all Airtex. The yoke covers were sewn on using leather steering wheel covers. The flap handle got a cover also.

The panel has all the gyros. the 2 1/8" instruments are the turn coordinator (left side) and a VSI (right side). It has the MX 170B nav/com, 850 Apollo GPS and a AT 150 transponder / ACK A-30 encoder. The intercom is a SPA 400.



Fiberglass wheel pants dress the airplane up a bit more and help keep the rocks off the tail feathers.
(we fly off a turf strip)


Above is the Reserve Grand Champion award from the 1999 EAA Southwest Regional Fly In and below the 2002 Grand Champion award.