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This Cessna 140  project started as a wing recover and one thing led to another and before we knew it Mr. Ken Peck of Smithville, TX had a new 1946 Cessna.

The after picture of the instrument panel. Behind it is all new wiring . Got rid of the old fuse holders and installed circuit breakers. The paint is a Volkswagon color.

140 panel

We were able to get new yoke centers from Joy Warren, contact info from the Cessna site.


The base color is Aerothane Rancho Silver and the trim color is a '96  Nissan pick up color. Both are metallics.

140 interior

Airtex wool headliner, dark tinted grey skylights and side windows are my personal preferences. I was told thru the grapevine Mr. Peck did not care for the dark tint on the side glass . He said it did not work for him night flying. I myself don't see much difference looking thru them at night. I guess next time I will clear it with the owner before I make this decission.


Bulkheads removed, sheet metal cleaned up and ready for primer and reassembly with new bulkheads.

The finished product. The paint scheme is a mix  taken from several photo's .

Cessna 140

The panel before the wrecking ball came in.  Or maybe after ?

More Peck 140 pics